Courses taught include:
Microsoft Word          
Microsoft Excel          
Microsoft PowerPoint          
Microsoft Access          
Systems Analysis and Design          
COBOL Programming
Management Information Systems           
Management of Information Systems          
Visual Basic          
Computer Literacy
Computer Systems          
Introduction to Computers
Software Applications
Operating Systems and Architecture          
Project Management          
Object-Oriented Programming           
Introduction to Windows        
Information Systems Management
Computer Information Systems
Introduction to C Programming          
Introduction to C++ Programming         
Intermediate C++  Programming        
Advanced C++ Programming         
Introductiono to C# Programming        
Introduction to Java Programming        
Introduction to Programming       
Introduction to Database Management Systems          
Introduction to Networking          
The Internet and The World Wide Web
Website development
​Discrete Mathematics
Technical Writing
​English Composition
​Other Courses, just ask.

Platforms and Software worked with include:
Adobe Captivate 8, Adobe RoboHelp HTML 11, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Visio 2013, IBM Mainframe, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Adroid Mobile Phone, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2007, and Internet Explorer.

Applications Worked With include:
Business, Financial, Network, Purchasing, Income Tax, Tax Auditing, Insurance, Intranet E-Help, Education, Blackboard, E-College, New Classroom, WebTycho, and Government.

Other Services
Although we are in New York City, you can study by mobile phone, tablet, or computer online using the Internet.  The lead faculty holds an Accredited PhD in Information Systems and an Advanced Facilitator Certification.  This college is open to anyone in the USA and the world.  Learn the skills needed by job recruiters to land the job.  Use the knowledge gained here to complete your college degrees in less time.  Writing and typing services also available.